From the Past, Through the Present, For the Future


Karen Keegan, Editor

From the Past. This edition marks the 40th anniversary year of Simroots— magazine/newsletter for Adult SIM MKs and their caregivers. We’ve come a long way since those first mimeographed copies were addressed and sent out by hand to 30 Kent Academy Adult MKs. We’ve expanded to include AMKs from at least 25 schools on several continents, and our little magazine is sent around the world to readers in 71 countries. Over the years we’ve collected 3266 names, including 543 staff members from our various schools, as well as a few parents and MKs from other missions. Our high school grad years span 75 years. We’ve recorded 338 deaths, lost connections with 644 people, and had 312 who requested to be removed from the mailing list. As a mission, SIM’s growth has been exponential, but we have not kept up with that growth in our magazine. We continue to cater mostly to the generations of MKs who graduated before 2000.

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